The Top 4 Basketball Training Drills To Do By Yourself

The Top 4 Basketball Training Drills To Do By Yourself

Working on your skills outside team practice makes you a better player. Enhance your performance with these four basketball training drills. Practice them on your own and see significant results on the court when you help your team win the next game.

1. Dribbling Figure 8s

Point guards benefit from practicing basketball drills like dribbling. Bend your knees with your legs spread wide apart with your non-preferred hand as low to the ground as possible. Dribble the ball between your legs and switch it to your preferred hand, rotating it around your outside leg and the front. Repeat this training to get better at moving balls in and out of tight spaces. Players with a finger, hip or knee injury should avoid this drill.

2. Ricochet

The Ricochet technique works as a basketball drill for all players. Stand with your legs spread shoulder-width apart and your knees locked. Hold the basketball in front of you, bounce it at a 45-degree angle and practice catching the ball back and forth between your legs. Increasing the motion’s speed gets you familiar with handling the ball and improves your hand-eye coordination. Practice this drill in a smaller space so the ball doesn’t bounce far away.

3. Mikan Layup Drill

The Mikan Layup Drill provides a staple exercise for center and forward players of any height and size. Place the ball in your right hand on the hoop’s right side. Jump off your left foot and send the ball into the hoop. Catch the ball in your left hand before it hits the ground, jump from your right foot and put the ball in the hoop on the left side. Alternating hands improves your touch and technique around the rim.

4. Sprints and Free Throws

Sprint and free throw basketball exercises work well for all players. Begin with a sprint from one end of the court to the other and back. Grab your ball, take five free throws in good form and complete a down and back sprint for every shot you miss. Repeat this sequence in at least four sets and track the throws you make and miss to monitor your progress. Running pushes your body and increases your endurance so you perform better, even toward the end of the game.

Practice in an Indoor Facility

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The Top 4 Basketball Training Drills To Do By Yourself

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