25 Min Dumbbell Arms Workout – HASfit

25 Min Dumbbell Arms Workout – HASfit

Beginner to Advanced Levels Supported

Let’s work together to build strength and lean muscle in our biceps and triceps. This dumbbells arms workout is great for both women and men. We recommend having a few different weights available to you so that you may switch up the weight depending on the movement. You may also want to have a chair, bench, or step available for one of the exercises, but it isn’t required. Now let’s burn out those arms!

Warm up
Biceps Extension and Flexion
Arm Circles

Dumbbell Arms Workout

A1: Wall Curl x 12
A2: Triceps Pressout x 12
B1: 1:3 Tempo Hammer Curl x 10
B2: Lying Triceps Rollovers x 12
C1: 45 Degree Seated Curl x 12
C2: Close Grip Push Up / Incline x 12

Cool Down
Overhead Triceps Stretch

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25 Min Dumbbell Arms Workout – HASfit

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